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Community Action EAP (CAEAP) is a full-service management consulting firm specializing in the design, the implementation and the administration of Employee Assistance Programs. CAEAP, being a premiere provider, holds a broad and tenured experience in the field of employee assistance programming. Such relevant professional experience-in working with both management and labor on joint issues– is invaluable to companies desiring a productive, reliable workforce. CAEAP offers a superior level of competent programming to meet the specific needs of different client organizations.

National Provider Network

CAEAP has developed a national network of providers who are well-qualified to serve the needs of our client population. Through CAEAP’s quality assurance program, qualified professionals include psychiatrists, licensed clinical psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, licensed marriage, family and child counselors; certified employee assistance professionals and experienced counselors of alcohol/drug abuse; financial and career development resources.

Responsive & Timely

Employee assistance is available “24/7” (24 hours/7 days a week). CA/EAP values being responsive and timely in delivering EAP services. An emergency/help line provides ongoing assistance at all hours.



For Employers

  •  Reduction in sick leave usage
  •  Reduction in the impact of stress-related factors
  •  Reduction in the need for corrective and adverse job action against employees
  •  Reduction in the cost and utilization of employee health benefits
  •  Reduction in workers’ compensation claims and related costs
  •  Reduction or stress-related disability and retirements
  •  Reduction of organizational liability issues surrounding ADA, negligent retention, negligent supervision, negligent infliction, etc.
  •  Increase in perceived employee morale
  •  Increase in perceived productivity of employees by management

CAEAP has mechanisms in place which specialize in the following employee assistance programming areas:

Pro-active Lay-Off Program

Behavioral Risk Management Program

Workers' Compensation Prevention Program

Custom Designed/Topic-Specific Employee/Management Seminars

DOT SAP Program Compliance

Cutting Edge Management Training

Mobile Trauma Specialization

Joint Labor-Management Plans

Our Mission and Goals

* To provide employees and family members with professional, confidential and effective assistance in coping with personal problems and difficulties.

To provide a means to managers/supervisors, unions, and employee associations by which they can address and deal with job performance problems which may be based in personal issues–allowing them to stay on safe-legal ground in accordance with regulations such as ADA.


To provide a systematic communication process for dealing with personal issues through the Employee Assistance Program, emphasizing the ease by which people can access confidential assistance to resolve personal problems.


To assist those employees whose job performance has been adversely affected by personal issues to return to acceptable job performance levels.

To act as an early intervention resource to troubled employees as a means of assisting organizations in containing the cost of benefits related to personal problems affecting job performance. Of particular concern are the costs involved with unnecessary utilization of medical benefits, long-term disability, and job stress workers’ compensation claims and those occurring from absenteeism, tardiness, accidents and poor decision-making or judgment, etc.



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